Fully dedicated to the hardcore scene, Invaïssor was always passionated by the music andf she always dreamed to make her own music. 

In 2015 she started to learn music production and created the project Invaïssor in 2016

Inspirated a lot by Hellsystem, Nosferatu, Tha Playah, Evil Activities, The Viper and Angerfist, her style is melted between millenium atmospheres and modern hardcore. Each track of her is different universe to discover.

She won in 2018 the Dominator contest, played in Japan and in the most events in Switzerland.

She released a lot of tracks on different label like Neophyte Records, Handkcuf Records, Exode Records, PIJN! Records, Enzyme Records, and she collaborated with a lot of artists like Hellsystem, Hysta, Lem-X, Nightshift, Sakyra, Da Mouth Of Madness, The Sacrificed, Menthalquake, DJ LX, Skinrush etc….. She always working on new hardcore tracks.

In April 2021, she opened her own label ‘’Invaïssor Records’’  to gave her more creativity.

In October 2021, she organized her first party in Switzerland and decided to contribute to make move the hardcore scene in Switzerland by joining the Cursed Warriors organisation.